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Timothy Perez-Ross is a veteran actor, starting his career in professional Equity theatre in L.A., New York and regionally. Tim's true love is film and television where he has appeared in over 100 full length feature films, television shows and short features. He is a diverse professional actor with over a dozen national commercials to his credit as well as many regional and local commercial spots. Tim represents a number of national and multi-national corporations as a spokesperson. Tim also works in industrial films for multi-national corporations and directs the occasional play.


Airing Now or Soon:


Washington's Armor Volume 1 is out! For a limited time you can catch it on It may have a much wider release soon! 


 The Girl From Plainville as Officer Dennis Tavares. A new show coming up on FX

Paramount pictures Film On The Come Up. I play a doctor

Fun national commercial campaign for Mosquito Joe's

In Production

Recurring co-star in a new series for apple+ More soon! One of my coolest jobs yet!

Co-star for an episode of a new show for Disney channel. More soon!

Starring as the host and narrator of a new documentary searching the world for giant lore and legend. Locations in our search include Israel, Peru, Italy and points in North America. Stay tuned!

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